At Onyx, being a leader is our default setting. We lead in every market that we enter and excel in all aspects of our work. To continue to achieve this and to grow further, we need the right people. We need the elite; exceptional team members working to their strengths and utilising winning strategies to succeed. We foster a meritocratic environment and expect a lot from our team, but in return we offer the highest possible rewards.



Students / Graduates

Through our Junior Trader Development program, new hires receive resources to accelerate their integration into Onyx Trading by gaining access to digital learning and weekly lectures from experiences traders. Junior employees have complete access to Onyx’s material and all-level traders to focus on becoming their own trader.

We take a trader-by-trader approach to talent development and foster an environment that values different trading styles, challenges conventional thinking and maximises the potential of all Onyx employees. Our monthly and ongoing review systems ensure our people and their managers have the information they need to excel in the development program.

Experienced hires

We’re always on the lookout for experienced professionals with an entrepreneurial spirit and a unique skill set to join us and contribute to our success. To the right people, we offer opportunities across our trading, technology and operations divisions with limitless potential to build a rewarding and fulfilling career.



Onyx was built on entrepreneurialism and we encourage everyone to approach their work with an entrepreneurial attitude. We have identified 4 core principles that we believe are the pillars of this entrepreneurial approach and we expect all our staff to exemplify these principles in everything they do.

·       Out-of-the-box thinking – The global commodities market is efficient but at the same time full of unexplored opportunities. That’s why we want innovative thinkers at Onyx. We want people who can look at problems differently and provide novel solutions. We want to be pioneers who define our own success.

·       Processes - We approach any vision or obstacle as objectively and as well-defined as we can. For us to do this, we require some process to allow for clarity to make goals achievable. We have found introducing this framework to any goal, be it for a trading or operational goal, can break down the perceived impossible goal into smaller, achievable goals. Once these small, iterative wins compound, the desired goal becomes attainable. It also serves to hold stakeholders accountable by clearly defining timelines and responsibility to get things done.

·       Adaption - As a firm we believe the landscape we operate in will forever be evolving. It’s the job of everyone at Onyx to anticipate changes and to react methodically and quickly. “Adapt or die” truly applies to our business and we have seen first-hand companies that fail to adapt in our space disappearing almost overnight.

·       Attitude - We feel particularly strongly about attitude at Onyx. We always want everyone to be striving for excellence in their work, the company and the team. The right attitude is not just being someone that is good to work with, it is a relentless pursuit of high performance, resilience in hard times and unwavering belief in yourselves and the company. We want every individual here to see obstacles as a challenge to be overcome not a reason to give up. That is the mark of a true entrepreneur.



Onyx Commodities has the following opportunities available for elite candidates who align with our values and are ready to commit to excellence





Sales Trader/

Direct Trading